About Subtext

High-end communication needs? Look no further

Subtext is a communications agency focusing on high-end brands with high-end communication needs.

Attention and respect is something you earn from your audience. We do that by developing tailored branding platforms that create credible and truly original campaigns – you know, stuff that people actually want to spend time on.

Like the platform the choice of media is also open and individual for each campaign. That means mixing social media content, PR, community events, sponsorships, marketing, advertising and whatever we think makes sense.

The Subtext approach has always been high-end – and we believe it takes high-end clients to understand and appreciate that.

Like the clients we want to work with we’re also fueled by something larger than just selling cheap products to the masses. We want to take the necessary time to excel at what we do.

We want to know everything there is to know about our clients, their businesses, their markets and customers, their products and their values.

Subtext is about creating value by being credible, passionate, visionary and paying constant attention to detail.

If you feel the same way about your brand please get in touch to discuss your communication needs.

Thomas Weihrauck Sjølin, CEO